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Okra Curry for Chapati

Okra: - Is a long, thin green ridge coarse vegetable.  It is also known as lady’s finger.  The Indian name for this vegetable is ‘Bhindi ‘.  If cooked the right way, okra can be a very crispy, chewy and mouth watering dish. It can be added to soups, curries or even made as a dry vegetable to go with chapattis or a side dish with rice. One can even batter fry it and serve it as a starter. Here’s a very a tangy and flavorful recipe of Okra Curry. It’s a tomato based curry. Ingredients Read more [...]

North Indian Potato Gravy for Chapati

Potato: The most versatile vegetable. You can make anything of it and add it to most of the dishes and you can never go wrong with it. They have a high content of carbohydrates. This vegetable gives you energy cause of the starch content too. Potato is mainly a part of a northern Indians diet. Children love potatoes especially chips, French fries or mashed potatoes. Besides these finger snacks, one can even make a vegetable dish or a gravy / curry of potatoes. I would like to share with you a Read more [...]

Mutton Gravy for Chapati

Mutton gravy: this dish can be prepared in numerous ways. And in India it is cooked differently in almost every state.  You can use as many spices you wish and make it the most spicy dish or probably just use simple onion, tomatoes and some powders and make a simple, easy and yet a yummy dish. My mother itself has a different recipe each time she makes mutton gravy.  And every time without doubt it turns out delicious. She sometimes uses a coconut paste to make thick gravy or then with ginger garlic, Read more [...]

Mushroom gravy for chapati

Gravy is the juices/thick liquid or sauce which you usually get on its own while preparing your dish. If needed, you can thicken the consistency by adding corn flour or any other flour starch. This gives a nice texture and a glossy effect to your dish. Mushroom Gravy is not that, a difficult dish to prepare. With a few herbs and spices a delicious dish is ready to be served. You can partner this mushroom gravy dish either Indian style with steamed rice or hot ghee chapatis and boiled vegetables Read more [...]

Mushroom Curry for chapati

Curry - Is a dish which is mostly prepared in Asian countries. A mix of spices in their whole or raw state are used, which is combined with desiccated coconut, yoghurt or stock to prepare a curry dish. A curry dish can be prepared with meat-chicken/fish/lamb or only with vegetables. Curries can be dry/thick based or liquid based. For a dry consistency you need to let the water/ liquid evaporate by cooking on high flame. And for a liquid base one needs to add more amount of water/stock or yoghurt Read more [...]

Moong Dal Sabzi for Chapati

Moong dal sabzi, yes a vegetable dish made from lentils. This dish can be made anytime of the year.  Since moong dal - lentils/ pulses are always available throughout the year. Especially, in the monsoons when it is difficult to find fresh and good vegetables in the market. Moong dal is a protein rich lentil and is also easy to digest. This is a quick, simple and yet tasty vegetable dish. At least one vegetable dish is a must for a wholesome meal. A vegetable dish with chapati is either a meal Read more [...]

Moong Dal Curry for Chapati

Dal- in Hindi is referred to raw lentil as well as the dish. Moong dal, amongst all the other dals is my favorite. It is one of the simplest lentils to prepare. Moreover it is easy to digest not only for me but for my toddler too! This is the first lentil which is introduced to children even when they are small babies. It takes just about 30 minutes to prepare Moong dal curry. And the ingredients used are very basic which is found in every home. One of the ingredients used is curry leaves which Read more [...]

Vendakkai Gravy for Chapati

Tangy Vendakkai Gravy for Chapati Introduction Vendakkai is also known as Lady finger / Okra. The vendakkai can be served in tangy tamarind gravy. For making this dish, the chopped vendakkai is sautéed in gingelly oil. Then the fried vendekkai is stirred with ground paste consisting of shredded coconut, red chillies and an array of different ingredients. Tamarind juice is splashed in the pan for the gravy. The pan contents are then steamed for the Vendakkai Gravy Side dish. Ingredients Vendakkai Read more [...]

Vegetarian Side Dishes for Chapati

Vegetarian Side Dish Recipe for Chapati Introduction There are many vegetarian side dishes for chapati. They can range from Filled Masala Bhindi, Aloo Gobi, Moong Dal, Mushroom Masala and Paneer Chilly to name a few. However the Vegetable Gravy dish with chapati is nourishing as it contains a healthy mix of different vegetables. Onion-tomato paste is prepared, cooked with steamed vegetables, seasoned with tempering ingredients, spiced with different flavors and spooned with fresh cream. Cream Read more [...]

Vegetable Curry for Chapati

Assorted Vegetable Curry for Chapati Introduction The vegetable curry dish is cooked with mixed vegetables such as brinjal, potatoes, french beans and capsicum. The potatoes are boiled and cubed. The capsicum is sautéed with the onion. Tomatoes are stirred in and cooked. Spice powders are thrown in the pan to flavor the dish. Tempering ingredients are sizzled for additional seasoning. Ginger-garlic paste is also fried in the pan to enhance the taste of the dish. Brinjals, Read more [...]