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Spicy Mushroom Gravy for Chapathi

Hot Mushroom Gravy for Chapati Introduction The spicy mushroom gravy recipe entails sliced and spiced mushrooms being stirred with coconut milk for the thick gravy of the dish. Ground powder consisting of roasted ingredients including dry coconut, dry red chillies, coriander seeds, poppy seeds, fennel seeds and peppercorns is sprinkled to give the dish its spicy taste. Tempering ingredients including cloves, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon and bay leaf are sizzled in the pan for added Read more [...]

Veg Spicy Gravy for Chapathi

Vegetables in Spicy Gravy for Chapati Introduction Vegetables are cooked with onion-tomato paste and ground paste containing coconut milk to prepare the Vegetables in Spicy Gravy dish. The preparation can be accompanied with chapatis when serving on the table. Ingredients Potato :               1 Cup Cauliflower florets :               1 Cup Carrot :               ½ Cup Beans :               ½ Cup Oil :               Read more [...]

Spicy Egg Gravy for Chapati

Spiced Egg Gravy for Chapati Introduction For the Spicy Egg Gravy dish, the eggs should be boiled and peeled. A paste prepared with coconut, ginger, garlic, green chillies, raw onion and coriander leaves is spooned with browned onion and powdered spices in a pan on the gas. Tomato puree is also stirred in the pan. Water is required for the gravy in the pan. The mixture is boiled for thick gravy preparation. The eggs are added and mixed with the pan contents. The dish can now be Read more [...]

Spicy Chicken Gravy for Chapati

Hot and Spicy Chicken Gravy with Chapati Introduction Spicy chicken gravy is prepared in onion-tomato paste with spice powders. Seasoning spices are tempered in hot oil for added taste. The chicken is marinated with an array of ingredients including curd. The marinated chicken is then mixed with the ground paste and cooked until tender. The hot and spicy chicken gravy can now be dished out with chapatis. Yummy! Ingredients Cloves                                 Read more [...]

Soya Gravy for Chapati

Soya in Milky Gravy for Chapati Introduction Soaked and fried soya chunks are stirred in spices and then simmered in milk for the Soya in Milky Gravy side dish. Boiled onion and tomato are ground for paste separately. The onion paste in sautéed in melted butter in a pan. Ginger-garlic paste is put for additional taste. Then the tomato puree is spooned in the pan. Red chilly powder, turmeric powder and garam masala are thrown in the pan to spice up the dish. The soya chunks after Read more [...]

Simple Gravy for Chapati

Simple Basic Gravy for Chapati Introduction Simple gravy can be prepared and stored in the refrigerator. The base for Indian dishes is usually the same so the gravy can be made in advance and in large quantities and then cooked with different vegetables at meal times for varied tastes. Boiled / steamed / fried / sautéed vegetables can be stirred with the gravy when required. In this recipe, the curd is added after getting the pan off the gas. If storing the gravy then prepare the Read more [...]

Mochai Gravy with Chapati

Delicious Mochai Gravy with Chapati Introduction Mochai are also known as Field Beans. They are high in protein content. They can be prepared in either tamarind or coconut gravy. The gravy is sweet, savory and easy to prepare. Mochai in Tamarind Gravy Ingredients Mochai / Field Beans :               1 Cup Tomato :               4 Nos. Onion :               4 Nos. Red chilly powder :               2 Tsp Coriander powder Read more [...]

Mixed Vegetable Gravy for Chapati

Mixed Vegetable in Creamy Gravy with Chapati Introduction Mixed vegetables can be served in creamy gravy. Low fat cream can be used for health benefits. Mixed vegetables can include green peas, mushrooms, carrots, capsicum etc When frying capsicum, they should be fried for fewer minutes than the other vegetables to avoid them becoming mushy and hence they can be added at a later stage in the wok. The chopped vegetables are sautéed in hot oil in a wok and kept aside. Then the seasoning Read more [...]

Meal Maker Gravy for Chapathi

Meal Maker in Coconut Gravy with Chapati Introduction Meal maker are also known as Soya chunks. Meal maker / soya chinks are filled with proteins and make for a healthy meal. Soya chunks stirred in coconut-onion-tomato paste make the meal maker gravy dish more tasteful. Spice powders and ginger-garlic paste are also added to the gravy to make it flavor-filled. Tempering ingredients are also sautéed in the pan for further seasoning of the meal maker gravy. The meal maker gravy Read more [...]

Ladies Finger Gravy for Chapati

Spicy Ladies Finger Gravy with Chapati Introduction Lady finger can be prepared in yogurt gravy. Spices can be added for spicy gravy dish. The quantity of spices can be increased or reduced according to the spice levels desired. Nuts can be ground and added to the dish to lend the nutty flavor to the gravy. For the dish preparation, the lady finger is first shallow fried and kept aside. The gravy is then prepared with onion and tomato. Ginger-garlic-chilly paste is also fried Read more [...]