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Tomato Kurma for Chapathi

Tomato Kurma Side Dish for Chapati Introduction Tomato Kurma side dish can be doled out with warm chapatis. For tomato kurma preparation, the seasoning spices are tempered in the wok. The onion is slightly browned in the wok. Ginger-garlic paste is sautéed for extra flavor. Tomatoes, the main ingredient for the kurma are also cooked with the wok contents. Additional spice powders such as red chilly powder are added in the pan. Turmeric powder is put for rich color. Ground Read more [...]

Mixed Vegetable Kurma for Chapati

Chapati Mixed Vegetable Kurma Introduction Kurma is usually prepared with curried vegetables. For Mixed Vegetable Kurma, an assortment of vegetables are cooked in ground spices / gravy. North Indian Mixed Vegetable Kurma is prepared in yogurt gravy. The South Indian version is coconut-based. The gravy is made with either coconut paste or coconut milk. Shredded coconut, nuts, and an array of other ingredients are added to prepare the ground paste. We can also prepare this side dish with Read more [...]

Vegetable Kurma for Chapati :Yogurt Based Potato Kurma & Green Peas Coconut Gravy

 Chapati Vegetable Kurma Introduction Vegetable kurma can be prepared with potatoes or green peas. Kurma is usually prepared either in yogurt gravy or with coconut paste. Delicious Kurma with its rich aroma can be accompanied with roti / chapati. Let us see how yogurt based potato kurma and green peas kurma in coconut gravy is served. Yogurt Based Potato Kurma Ingredients Potato :               3 Nos. Onion :               1 Cup Tomato ( small Read more [...]

Egg Kurma Recipe

Making Egg Kurma for Chapati If you are fed up of eating vegetables and want to make something different for dinner then you should try out this egg kurma. In Kerala egg kurma is served with chapati or poratta. There are different versions of egg kurma. I have given the recipe the way I make the kurma. Try it! It is a very tasty and spicy dish for egg lovers. And of-course it is healthy too. I am sure that you know the health benefits of eating eggs. An egg should be included in your daily meal, Read more [...]

Cauliflower Kurma for Chapati

Making Cauliflower Kurma for Chapati Do you want your children to intake plenty of nutrients? Well, you don’t have to spend money on tonics. Just include cauliflower on your regular diet and your children will all the nutrition required. I am not joking!!! Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C and also contains vitamin B Complex as well as Vitamin K. It also contains calcium, potassium, iron, copper and manganese. Cauliflower can be used to make manjurian, curries, gravy, kurma, fry, sabzi Read more [...]

Aloo Kurma for Chapati

Aloo Kurma for Chapati Aloo or potato is a very tasty and versatile vegetable that enhances the taste of any dish it is added to. Delicious dishes can be made by using only potatoes or combining it with other vegetables or even meat. Sometimes we sit and wonder what side dish to make for chapati. It is always very interesting to try out new dishes. Here I am going to tell you how to make Aloo Kurma, which is a perfect side dish that goes well with chapatis. I have given below the recipe Read more [...]