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How to Make Chapati Dough in Food Processor

how to make chapati dough in food processor Processed Chapati Dough Introduction A food processor aids in preparing chapati dough. Mixing and kneading the dough can be done with help of the food processor. The food processor should come with a metal dough blade. In a food processor, to process the dough first the dry ingredients which are the wheat flour and salt should be added and mixed. The water can then be added to the uniform mixture. The quantity of water poured in Read more [...]

How Chapati Making Machine Works

How Chapati Making Machine Works Whether you want 500, or 1000 or 2000 chapatis, the automatic chapati making machine can make it in an hour. Just imagine no kneading, rolling or baking; you just stand and watch, while the machines does all the work for you and makes lovely, soft and puffed chapatis, like the homemade ones. So easy!!! There are two kinds of chapati making machine; semi-automatic and fully automatic. In the semi automatic the dough has to be knead, made into balls and then placed Read more [...]

Food Processor for Chapati Dough

Food Processor for Chapati Dough Chapati is a flatbread made from dough made of wheat flour, water and salt and is a common staple in South Asia. Chapati dough is traditionally kneaded by hand and it is the most frustrating and messiest part in the process of making chapati. In fact getting the dough right is very important to get soft chapatis. The dough is made into balls, rolled into circular shape and cooked on the tava. Today there are various brands of chapati making machines which can make Read more [...]

Chapati Maker Machine for Home : How to Buy

Chapati Maker Machine for Home In olden days there was no washing machines, grinders, blenders etc. All the work was done by the women of the house. But now work has become easier with the availability of electronic kitchen appliances. Another work which most women find it boring and sometime tedious is making chapati or roti. Since chapatis are very healthy as they are easily digestible, low calorie and more nutritious than rice, chapati which is the staple diet in India, is made every day in Read more [...]

Automatic Chapati Making Machine for Home

Automatic Chapati Making Machine for Home Chapati is a common and much favored food item in India and is a perfect accompaniment to most of the Indian dishes whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. A vast majority of Indians prefer to have chapatis for dinner, because chapatis are made from whole wheat flour and it reduces the risks of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. The making of chapatis is actually easy, but there are many women who consider it very boring and time consuming. Chapatis Read more [...]