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Moong Dal Sabzi for Chapati

Moong dal sabzi, yes a vegetable dish made from lentils. This dish can be made anytime of the year.  Since moong dal - lentils/ pulses are always available throughout the year. Especially, in the monsoons when it is difficult to find fresh and good vegetables in the market. Moong dal is a protein rich lentil and is also easy to digest. This is a quick, simple and yet tasty vegetable dish. At least one vegetable dish is a must for a wholesome meal. A vegetable dish with chapati is either a meal Read more [...]

Veg Sabzi for Chapati

Dry Veg Sabzi for Chapati Introduction For the dry veg sabzi dish, the vegetables are cooked in lesser quantities of water and more in their own released juices. The veg sabzi is prepared dry and can be rolled in a chapati and devoured. The veg sabzi rolled in a chapati can also be carried in the lunch box. Also the fact that it contains an array of vegetables makes it a nutritious fare. Ingredients Onion               :               1 Nos. Tomato :               Read more [...]

Tomato Onion Sabzi for Chapati

Zesty Tomato Onion Sabzi for Chapati Introduction The tomato onion sabzi is a basic fare prepared with minimal ingredients. Also the spices are restricted, only red chilly powder is sprinkled in the dish. However even then the dish with its limited ingredients is zesty for the tastebuds. Peanuts are added to give the dish its nutty flavor. Sugar is dissolved with the pan contents to balance the spicy level of the dish. The tomato onion sabzi can also be spread on pizza bread and Read more [...]

Spicy Sabzi for Chapati

Spicy Sabzi Side Dish for Chapati Introduction Spicy sabzi dish is prepared with a ground paste consisting of shredded coconut, dalia, red chillies, fried coriander seeds, cumin seeds and red chillies, roasted poppy seeds and coriander leaves. The ground paste spices up the sabzi. Tomato puree is prepared and mixed with browned onions in the pan. Tomatoes contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C and act as anti-oxidants against various illnesses and are considered good for health. Ginger is Read more [...]

Snake Gourd Sabzi for Chapati

Dry Snake Gourd Sabzi for Chapati Introduction Snake Gourd is also known as Chichinda or Padval. Snake gourd is cooked in spices for snake gourd sabzi and can be a delicious treat. For the snake gourd sabzi, tempering ingredients such as red chillies, mustard seeds and curry leaves and seasoned in the pan. The snake gourd is then half cooked in the pan with the spices while stirring at intervals. Ground paste consisting of shredded coconut, green chillies, garlic cloves and cumin seeds Read more [...]

Simple Sabzi for Chapati

Simple Basic Sabzi for Chapati Introduction Simple sabzi as a side dish with chapatis is basic fare cooked in households with fewer ingredients than most Indian preparations. Onion and tomatoes are common in most Indian dishes. However, the quantity of onion and tomatoes can be adjusted in accordance with personal preferences. For the simple sabzi dish, tempering ingredients such as mustard seeds can be crackled in the pan. Other seasoning ingredients such as urad dal and curry leaves Read more [...]

Mixed Vegetable Sabzi for Chapati

Hot Mixed Vegetable Sabzi with Chapati Introduction The mixed vegetable sabzi consists of chopped ingredients. An array of vegetables are diced and cooked in a pan. The vegetables are first boiled in a pressure cooker / microwave oven to soften them and then set aside. Tempering ingredients consisting of cumin seeds and curry leaves are sautéed in the pan. Diced onion is fried in the pan. Also ginger-garlic paste is poured for additional flavor. Chopped tomato is pureed and melted Read more [...]

Lauki Sabzi for Chapati

Savory Lauki Side Dish with Chapati Introduction Lauki is also known as Bottle-gourd or Dudhi. Lauki is bottle-shaped hence the name Bottle-gourd. The Lauki sabzi is one of the most popular vegetables consumed in India. The outer skin of the bottle-gourd vegetable is greenish. The inner flesh and seeds are white in color. The Lauki vegetable has many medicinal benefits. Also they can be prepared with the addition of lentils which make them more nutritious. They are digested easily Read more [...]

Ladies Finger Sabzi for Chapati

Zesty Lady Finger Sabzi for Chapati Introduction Lady finger is also known as Okra or Bhindi. They are low in calories and also nutritious. This side dish is dry and can be accompanied with chapati. The okra can also be rolled in a chapati and then consumed. When preparing this dish, the sliced onions are sautéed with green chillies and cumin seeds in heated oil in a wok and then set aside. Then the okra pieces are fried in the wok. Sugar and spices are then added to the wok. Lastly, Read more [...]

How to Make Sabzi for Chapati

 Dry Sabzi with Chapati Introduction Sabzi is usually cooked with an array of vegetables. Vegetables can include potatoes, green peas, beans, carrot, onion, tomato, cabbage to name a few. Sabzi can also be prepared by steaming a single vegetable. An assortment of vegetables however adds more variety and nutrition to the dish. Spice powders are stirred with the vegetables and a range of dishes are prepared. The amount of spices added to the dishes can be increased or reduced Read more [...]