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Easy to Make Sabzi for Chapati

Easy to Make Sabzi for Chapati Chapati, unleavened flat bread, is one on the most common foods in Indian Subcontinent. Chapati is made from dough made with flour, water and salt and cooked on a tava. Sabzi is a vegetable dish which can be either in stir-fry form or gravy form. Vegetable consumption is a must for healthy life and vegetable sabzi is an easy way to consume nutrients. Paneer is another healthy food that gives you required nutrients. There are so many types of sabzi’s that can Read more [...]

Dry Sabzi for Chapati

Making Dry Sabzi for Chapati Today morning my neighbor asked me to suggest a dry sabzi recipe that goes well with chapati and I suggested the paneer mutter dry sabzi. This dish is a very delicious tangy and spicy dish. Apart from taste, both these ingredients have high nutritious value. Paneer or cottage cheese is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals and green peas is rich in fiber, iron, copper, vitamin A , vitamin C and vitamin K, folic acid and anti-oxidants. Recipe for dry sabzi Read more [...]

Dal Sabzi for Chapati

Making Dal Sabzi for Chapati Dal or lentil is a highly nutritious food, highly rich in fiber, proteins and vegetables and dal dish is best way to make your children get the nutrition they require. You can use dal to make curries, gravies or sabzi’s which are fabulous side-dishes for chapatis. Sabzi is a vegetable dish that can be either stir-fry or a bit gravy type. Recipe for dal sabzi for chapati (with vegetables) Ingredients: Oil: 4 tbsp Bottle gourd: 1 Round gourd: 1 Eggplant: Read more [...]

Chow Chow Sabzi for Chapati

Chow Chow Sabzi for Chapati When I was talking to my friend over the phone this morning, she asked me what I was making. When I told her I am making a dish with chow chow, she laughed and asked me if I am making a dish with chow chow puppies. I was quite surprised that she did not know what chow chow is? Well, readers, if there is anyone who does not know or haven’t heard about chow chow, for your information, chow chow or chayote is a small, pale green pear-shaped tropical squash, with coarse Read more [...]

Cauliflower Sabzi for Chapati

Making Cauliflower Sabzi for Chapati It is very essential to eat sufficient quantities of fruits and vegetable everyday for overall health improvement, to get required nutrition and to ward off many diseases. There is one vegetable that I incorporate in my diet very often, and that is cauliflower, as it provides fantastic health benefits. Not only is it packed with nutrients, but it also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and is rich in dietary fiber. Apart from this, it also has Read more [...]

Carrot Sabzi for Chapati

Making Carrot Sabzi for Chapati Growing children require plenty of nutrition and that is the main reason why carrot is a common vegetable in most of my diets. Today I have the recipe for making a carrot sabzi. Actually it is a Rajasthani sabzi which is normally made with carrots, corn and other vegetables, but I made the dish using only carrots and corn, because my children love both. Both carrots and corn provide high quantity of nutrients required for the family. My mother-in-law is diabetic, Read more [...]

Capsicum Sabzi for Chapati

Sabzi is a stir-fry dish made with vegetables. It can be made with one vegetable or by combining different vegetables. Vegetable or vegetables with some spicy ingredients can produce a really tasty sabzi or sabji which is a suitable side dish for rice, roti, paratha or chapati. Normally I use capsicum as topping or fry it along with onions, instead of green chillies. Today my daughter talked non-stop about the nutritional value and health benefits of capsicum which can prevent various diseases, Read more [...]

Cabbage Sabzi for Chapati : Cabbage sabzi with green peas and aloo

Today everybody is health conscious and giving priority to the health of my family, every time I make a dish, I always use vegetables that are full of nutrition and have many health benefits such as broccoli, beans, carrot etc. One vegetable that I incorporate into my menu once in a fortnight is cabbage. My husband always used to say ‘ugh’ when I mention the word ‘cabbage’, but understanding the health benefits of this vegetable and especially when I combine it with potatoes; he has starting Read more [...]

Broccoli Sabzi for Chapati

Many people don’t know that broccoli is a vegetable that has got numerous health benefits. I have a friend who never buys broccoli but prefers to buy cauliflower instead. She makes various dishes with cauliflower and tells me that she has never tried out broccoli. Broccoli is a healthy vegetable loaded with nutrition, and a nice way to add broccoli in your cooking and make you children eat it is by making broccoli sabzi. I have given below the recipe for making broccoli sabzi. Normally many Read more [...]

Brinjal Sabzi for Chapati

Are you sitting and wondering what side dish to make for chapatis tonight? Not to worry! Why not make a sabzi that is delicious, is a perfect pair for chapatis and that which helps in maintaining good health. The dish which is brinjal sabzi provides all the nutrients required for your children and for elders in your family like your parents or in-laws staying with you. Brinjal has many medicinal properties and is used as a remedy for Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Cancer and it is also Read more [...]