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Storing Chapatis for Long Durations

                How to Store Chapati for Long Time Introduction Chapatis can be preserved for long periods of time. However the time period for preserving chapatis should not exceed 3 months. To prepare chapatis, chapati dough is needed. For dough preparation, the dough ingredients should be mixed which include wheat flour, salt and warm water. The dough should be made, kneaded and divided into equal-sized balls. The dough balls can then be rolled with the help Read more [...]

How to Store Chapati Dough in Fridge

Storing Chapati Dough in Fridge Introduction To keep chapati dough fresh for a short duration, it can be stored in the refrigerator. However, preserve the chapati dough in the freezer of the refrigerator when stocking for long durations. Chapati dough can be prepared in large quantities and preserved in the refrigerator for time-saving. When required to consume, the dough can be cooled to room temperature, rolled and roasted for hot chapatis. Storing chapati dough in the fridge also Read more [...]