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How To Wrap Chapati in Foil

Wrapping Chapati in Foil Introduction Chapati is the most common condiment with side dishes. Chapati dishes also include palak chapati, methi chapati, etc Various combinations can be tried while making the chapati dough. Vegetables can also be added for filled chapati. Chapatis are healthy and the addition of vegetables add to the nutritional value of the chapatis. Whole wheat flour and methi leaves, coriander leaves or blanched palak / spinach leaves can be kneaded with the water Read more [...]

How to Reheat Chapati in Microwave

Reheating Chapatis in the Microwave Introduction Having a microwave oven in today’s times has become a necessity. More than cooking, the microwave oven is required for heating food at a speedy rate. However the microwave is also useful for cooking food quickly. But the fact remains that the microwave is most popular for heating food. Chapatis which are consumed at every meal in Indian households need to be reheated more often than other foods. They can be prepared in bulk in Read more [...]

How to Reheat Chapati

Reheating Chapatis Introduction Leftover chapatis can be stored in the refrigerator for short duration and preserved in the freezer when storing for lengthy intervals. They can be stored in plastic cling film / aluminum foil / air-tight containers. When storing for long durations, wax paper is placed between the chapatis and then packed in aluminum foil / air-tight container and thrown in the freezer. For preserving chapatis for short periods of time, they can be stacked in cling film Read more [...]

How to Preserve Chapati for A Week

Storing Chapatis for 1 Week Introduction Chapati making is a time-consuming process. Combining the dough contents, kneading the dough, rolling and roasting chapatis is a long procedure. Busy professionals do not have the time to make chapatis on a daily basis. The solution lies in storing chapatis for short durations. Chapatis can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 week. Chapatis for 1 week can be prepared on a single day and then stored in the refrigerator. However to store Read more [...]

How to Pack Chapati for Lunch

Packing Chapatis for Lunch Introduction There are innumerable ways to pack chapati for lunch. The challenge is how to pack chapatis that remain soft for lunch. Packing lunch box for children is another task as the lunch box for children has to be nutritious also. Kids do not like to waste much time eating as they also want to play during their break. Also professionals do not like to spend more time consuming lunch. Hence we can see that recipes which can be relished in a shorter Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati with Plain Flour

Plain Flour Chapatis Introduction Plain flour is also known all purpose flour or Maida. Plain flour is prepared by grinding the middle layer of the wheat grain. The middle layer of the wheat grain is known as the endosperm. The endosperm surrounds the inner core or germ of the wheat grain known as the wheat germ. Also the endosperm is surrounded by the outer bran layer. The endosperm layer is fat and contains minimal or no nutrients. However, the taste is desired by people. Plain Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati with Layers

Layered Chapati Introduction Chapati can also be prepared in layers. Chapati can be one-layered of one-layered, two-layered, three-layered / triangular shaped and four-layered / squared. Chapati Recipe Wheat Flour                                                       2 Cup Oil                                                                           1-2 Tsp Salt Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati with Gram Flour

Gram Flour Chapatis Introduction Wheat flour can be replaced with gram flour to make chapatis. Gram flour is also known as besan or chick pea flour. Gram flour has high protein content. Also the flour is gluten free. Hence the consumption of gram flour chapatis can be considered healthy. The dough for the gram flour chapatis can also be formed with an array of ingredients. Gram flour chapatis can be accompanied with yogurt / spinach dishes. Recipe 1 Ingredients Gram Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati with Atta Flour

Atta Flour Chapatis Introduction Atta flour is also called wheat flour. The wheat grain consists of three layers. The outer protective layer is the bran of the wheat grain. The inner core of the wheat grain is the germ or embryo. The layer between the outer brain layer and inner embryo layer is the endosperm. For atta flour, only the endosperm layer and the bran layer are ground. The germ layer is eliminated. However, the wheat germ is all fat. The endosperm is starch. Nevertheless, Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati Soft without Oil

 Soft Chapatis Sans Oil Introduction Wheat is consumed daily by people around the world. Also many varieties of wheat are available. Whole wheat flour is most widely accessible. The wheat is dried and ground for wheat flour. Soft chapatis prepared with wheat flour are most desired. Making soft chapatis without oil is also possible. Certain tips would be helpful for dishing out soft chapatis. Sieving the Flour The flour can be sieved or not depending on the purity of Read more [...]