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How to Make Chapati Roll

Rolled Filled Chapati Introduction The chapati can be stuffed with various ingredients and then packed for Rolled Filled Chapati. The Rolled Filled Chapati is ideal for the Lunch Box. It is a simple fare to prepare. The chapati filled with cooked vegetables is nutritious and satiating for the appetite. There is also less or no litter when consuming the Rolled Filled Chapati. The time taken to consume the Chapati Roll is also comparatively less. Chapati Recipe Ingredients All Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati on Tawa

                                                Tawa Chapati Introduction Roasting chapati on the tawa is a traditional method. This method is common in almost all Indian households. Although, newer methods for cooking chapatis are also now available. These include the roti maker, microwave oven, electric stove, hot plate etc Chapatis are also grilled directly on the gas flame on high heat. However, the same effort is required when Read more [...]

How to Cook Chapati on Hot Plate

Chapatis Roasted on Hot plate Introduction Chapatis cooked with the same dough on direct flame differ from those roasted on the hot plate When roasted on the gas flame they are soft and puffy. Whereas, when the chapatis are cooked on the hot plate they become hard. Although, soft and fluffy chapatis is also possible when using the hot plate. Some things need to be kept in mind to get the desired result. Forming Dough Wheat flour or whole wheat flour can be used to form the Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati on Electric stove

Chapati Roasted on Electric Stove Introduction It is common knowledge that chapati dough is prepared by mixing wheat flour and water. The dough is then divided into balls having equal size. The dough balls are then rolled for medium thick rounds. The rounds are then roasted on the tawa on medium gas flame. For soft and puffed chapatis, the rounds are roasted directly on the gas flame when bubbles appear on the surface of the rounds. However, this method of preparing chapatis Read more [...]

How to make Chapati Noodles

Noodled Chapatis Introduction Chapatis can be cut into strips and stirred with an assortment of vegetables for the Noodled Chapati dish. The chapati noodles can be added to various vegetable mixtures. Chapati Recipe Ingredients Wheat Flour                                       2 Cup Salt                                                         to taste Water                                                   Read more [...]

How to MakeChapati in Round Shape

Round Shaped Chapatis Introduction Chapatis that are round in shape are much desired. This is not only because they are a good sight to behold. But as it is an indication that the chapati is evenly thick and will be uniformly baked. For round shaped chapatis, we need soft and pliable dough. The dough needs to be elastic so it can be flattened with ease. In order to achieve the above, the right flour needs to be used. Flour made from hard wheat is much easier to roll out thin Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati in Roti Maker

Chapati with Roti Maker Introduction Preparing soft chapatis with the roti maker may need practice. When making rotis in the roti maker it is important for the dough to have the accurate consistency. The ingredients of the dough also need attention. The time taken to roast each side of the chapati on the roti maker should also be monitored. Basic information will be helpful while preparing rotis in the roti maker. Recipe 1 Ingredients Wheat Flour                                                       Read more [...]

How to make Chapati in Microwave Oven

How to make Chapati in Microwave Oven Smoked Chapati in Microwave Oven Introduction The traditional method of roasting chapatis is on the gas flame on a tawa / griddle pan / flat pan. Another new method of preparing chapatis is in the Microwave Oven. To prepare chapatis in the microwave oven, the oil can be mixed to the wheat flour and salt. Water can then be added for dough preparation. The dough can be divided into balls of equal size. Alternatively, the dough can be prepared Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati Gluten Free

how to make chapati gluten free Chapatis Sans Gluten Introduction Hard wheat contains high quantities of gluten and lesser quantities of protein. Gluten lends elasticity to the bread. However, the semi-hard varieties of wheat are most popular. They are also known as durum wheat. Durum wheat is high in protein and low in gluten. Hence breads prepared with durum wheat or semi-hard variety of wheat do not rise much. Though, they can be kneaded and rolled with ease. Also Read more [...]

How to make Chapati Fluffy

                                                Puffy Fluffy Chapati Introduction A puffed chapati is a well and evenly cooked chapati. A puffed chapati is fluffy and usually irresistible. They are soft and crispy. However, preparing fluffy chapatis become better with practice. In the beginning, the desired result may not be achieved. Although, one must keep trying different techniques for better results. Fluffy chapatis are possible Read more [...]