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How to Make Chapati and Store

How to Make Chapati and Store Chapati, which is great accompaniment to most of the Indian side dishes, is also the most preferred food in India. Because of its immense health benefits, most of the aged people have chapati for dinner. Combined with a tasty side dish, you can enjoy a delightful dinner. Many women, especially the working women prefer to make chapati and store it, so that they can use it as and when they want. Making chapati is quite a tiresome job, and making it every day is extremely Read more [...]

How to Make Chapati and Freeze

How to Make Chapati and Freeze Chapati is one of the favorite foods of the Indians, especially North Indians. It is a very healthy food, and can be eaten with any curry. But making chapati can be a really messy and boring affair. Although readymade machine made chapatis are available in the market, in most of the houses, chapatis are made at home by hand, and this is what many people prefer. Chapati is a must for dinner in majority of houses in India, and in some houses, for lunch too. Chapati Read more [...]

How to Keep Chapati Soft for Long Time

How to Keep Chapati Soft for Long Time Chapati, one of the most common foods in India, is eaten everyday in my house for dinner. My in-laws are diabetic and take only chapati at night and my husband and kids also prefer chapatis for dinner. I am a working woman but I need to leave for work only by 11am, but I come back very late. My in-laws are very particular regarding their eating timings and they have their dinner at sharp 8.30 pm, while I reach back home only by 10pm. So I made the chapatis Read more [...]

How to Heat Chapati in Oven

How to Heat Chapati in Oven Chapati, one of the most commonly eaten staples in Northern India, is a delicacy when eaten with a suitable vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry. It is made with wheat flour, water and bit of salt. Chapati is a very healthy food, and can be made in various varieties such as aloo chapati, spinach chapati, masala chapati, keema chapati, cabbage chapati, cauliflower chapati, coriander chapati, kasthuri methi chapati and so on. You can try out various combinations to add Read more [...]

How to Give Chapati to Baby

How to Give Chapati to Baby Breast milk, is undoubtedly the best for your baby as it is the complete form of nutrition and provides health advantages for both the baby and the mother. It is the perfect food for your baby in the first year, or at least for the first six months. Breast feeding decreases your baby’s risk for illness and helps in growth. But sometimes after six months, breast milk alone might not be enough to fully satisfy the baby’s hunger, or it might not be enough to supply Read more [...]

Dal Recipe for Chapati

Making Dal Recipe for Chapati Dal dish is the easiest dish that can be made for chapati. It also tastes good and is a perfect combo for chapati. It is a very common dish that is made in North India. There are various dal recipes that can be eaten with chapati. Some of them are: Dal with spinach sabzi Dal with vegetables curry Masala dal Dal makhni Dal fry Methi dal Channa dal with zucchini Dal dhokli Dal pakhtooni Dal bati There are also many snacks that can be made with Read more [...]

Capsicum Recipes for Chapati

Most of the individuals today are health conscious and prefer to eat only fruits and vegetables that have immense nutritional value and provide many health benefits. People have become very choosy regarding what they eat, and a majority of them eat vegetables that help the body to burn fat and lose weight. One such vegetable is the capsicum. Capsicum known as chilli pepper or bell pepper comes in colors like red, green and yellow. The vegetable has medicinal properties and is used in many recipes Read more [...]