How To Make Chapati Round

How Make Chapati Round

Hot, soft, puffy chapati, with a spicy vegetarian or non-vegetarian combination is an awesome delicacy. Chapatis are flatbreads made from wheat flour, water, salt and oil and are a common food consumed in India. Chapatis taste good only if they are soft and a perfectly round chapati enhances the taste in the mind of the person eating it. Making chapati is not easy task. The taste and shape of the chapati, depends entirely on how the dough is kneaded. If the dough is sticky, you will never get the perfect round shape. Getting the preferred round shape can be difficult, if you are trying it for the first time. In fact, there are some ladies who struggle to get the round shape even after months of experience. Their chapatis look like different continents of the world, being in different shapes without uniform thickness.

Tips for making chapati round

The skill in making the chapati round depends on the consistency and kneading of the dough. Making curries or sabzi’s is easy, but getting the chapati right will take time and a few stumbles. The most easiest and simple way to make chapati round is to flatten the dough and cut it using a steel bowl of the required shape. But that is not fun. Rolling the dough and getting the round shape is a challenge. Now let’s see how to make chapati round!!!

  • Take a chunk of the chapatti dough, roll it lightly to form a ball, and flatten it slightly between your palms. Dip in flour, place on a floured surface, and roll it flat with a rolling pin, rotating it a couple of times to ensure even thickness.
  • Flatten a ball slightly, dip it quickly into the dry flour and start rolling. Make a firm straight stroke, putting a little more pressure near the circumference than the center.

       Turn the flattened dough at different angles and repeat the stroke.

  • When rolling the dough, flouring and flipping the chapati as you flatten it will prevent the dough from sticking on the surface so that you get the round shape.
  • When rolling the chapati dough ball, roll once from top to bottom, which will make the chapati dough oval shape. Use the same amount of pressure when rolling. Then rotate the chapati 90 degrees and repeat the same. This will make it round. The roundness of the chapati depends on the evenness of the dough ball.
  • Roll the dough around in your hands, pressing firmly, using a circular motion to create a ball.  Roll the dough in the flour and then press the dough flat in the flour.Roll the dough twice up and down in one direction and then turn 45-degrees and repeat so that the chapati remains in the shape of a circle.
  • Place a circular cut cloth of equal size on your rolling plate.
    Now place chapati dough at the center of the circular on the rolling plate.
    Start rolling the chapati and keep turning the cloth below. (You need not turn the chapati.)
    The cloth ensures that your chapati does not stick to the rolling plate and you can keep turning the chapati easily and frequently so that it is rolled out evenly.
    The circular cloth will help you in making exact round chapatis.

If your chapati is not perfectly round the first time, no worries. Don’t be discouraged. It will take time. After a few practices, you will undoubtedly be able to make perfectly round chapatis. Keep trying………..


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