Side Dishes for Chapati

Side Dish Recipes that Goes with  Chapathi

chapathi indexChapathi basically is an Indian bread and an important and integral part of Indian food.It is made by mixing water with wheat dough and heated in round shapes of different sizes, either with oil or whithout oil.Indian bread varieties include roti, phulka, paratha, naan, kulcha, parotta, batura, poori apart from chapathi. Chapathi without suitable side dish is meaningless and not palatable. Side dish for chapathi come in 3 different varieties :


1)    Gravy – Paneer butter masala, Tomato gravy,

2)    Dry – Carrot capsicum curry, Beans curry and

3)    Chutney – Garlic or Cucumber chutney.

Side Dishes for Chapati2The side dishes for chapathi is limited only to one’s imagination. There are North Indian and South Indian side dish varieties available. Paneer tikka masala, Aloo Gobi masala are famous North Indian side dishes while Chapathi with kurma/korma is famous in South India. School children normally prefer it with fruit jam spread over it or an omelette inserted between it. Office goer’s side dish for chapathi is usually a healthy variety, which do not induce them to sleep in the afternoon’s. Side dish of non-vegetarian varieties are a hit with chapathi’s viz. Chicken, mutton, fish and eggs.

Chapathi’s are very convenient to carry in bags as they are normally dry and non-oily and chances of spilling is very remote if the side dish is also dry. Also, you can maintain your diet by having a certain number of chapathi’s in a day. It is easily digestible and you do not feel ‘heavy’ even if you have few extra chapathi’s. Chapathi can be had without getting spoilt for more than a week.

Chapathi’s are hand-made as well as machine made. But Indian’s prefer hand-made chapathi’s, as an element of ‘love’ by the maker (usually mother or wife) is attached to it. Most of the people are averse to machine-made chapathi’s, but bachelor’s and other’s living out of their home have no option other than machine-made chapathi’s.

Chapathis and it’s accompanying side dish has psychological implications between two persons. Subtle inferences Side Dishes for Chapati3can be had about the person serving chapathi with side dish. Relationship between a husband and wife is known how a chapathi alongwith a side dish is served . If it is served with ghee on it, and a good Aloo mutter gravy then you can presume that everything is fine and if the same serving is dry and spicy gravy then you can expect tough times ahead. These inferences come handy   in judging the person’s mood at any point of time. There are certain people who do not care much about the side dish as long as the chapathi is good and vice – versa.

A poor man’s side dish for chapathi is a pickle or in the extreme case tea. Taking chapathi and dipping it in the tea and satisfying one’s hunger.

Chapathi is a very basic food and side dish for chapathi is secondary and is just like icing on the cake which can be adjusted or avoided according to a person’s profile viz. health conscious etc.

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