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Tomato Kurma for Chapathi

Tomato Kurma Side Dish for Chapati


Tomato Kurma side dish can be doled out with warm chapatis.

For tomato kurma preparation, the seasoning spices are tempered in the wok.

The onion is slightly browned in the wok.

Ginger-garlic paste is sautéed for extra flavor.

Tomatoes, the main ingredient for the kurma are also cooked with the wok contents.

Additional spice powders such as red chilly powder are added in the pan.

Turmeric powder is put for rich color.

Ground paste consisting of shredded coconut, green chillies, fennel seeds and poppy seeds are also decanted in the wok for additional savoring of the kurma dish.

Water is required in the wok for the gravy of the kurma.

Lastly, allow the gravy to be as thick as required by placing the wok on low heat and spooning at intervals of few minutes.

The tomato kurma should be served on the table immediately after its preparation as it should be enjoyed when it is hot and steaming.


  • Tomato :               3 Nos.
  • Onion ( large ) :               1 Nos.
  • Ginger-garlic paste :               ½ Tsp
  • Red chilly powder :               ¼ Tsp
  • Turmeric powder :               ¼ Tsp
  • Cinnamon :               ½ inch piece
  • Cloves :               2 Nos.
  • Bay leaf :               1 Nos.
  • Cooking oil :               1 Tbsp
  • Curry leaves :               1 twig

Grinding Ingredients

  • Shredded coconut :               ¼ Cup
  • Green chilly :               3 Nos.
  • Poppy seeds :               ½ Tsp
  • Fennel seeds :               ½ Tsp


  • Finely chop the onion and tomatoes.
  • Wash the diced contents with cold running water, drain excess water and keep aside.

Ground Paste

  • Chop the green chillies, rinse the chopped chillies with water and dry extra water.
  • Mix the green chilly pieces, shredded coconut, fennel seeds and poppy seeds in a grinder.
  • Add small quantity of water in the grinder.
  • Blend the combined ingredients in the grinder for a smooth paste and set aside.


  • Take a wok and heat on the gas.
  • Throw cooking oil in the wok and heat the oil in the wok.
  • The spices including the bay leaf, cloves and cinnamon stick should be added to the wok.
  • Also drop the curry leaves in the wok.
  • Stir the wok contents and let them crackle in the wok.
  • Mix in the diced onion in the wok and fry for some minutes.
  • The onion should become light brown.
  • Now pour the ginger-garlic paste in the wok.
  • Sauté the wok contents for couple of minutes until the paste is fried.
  • Sprinkle red chilly powder and turmeric powder on the wok contents.
  • Also add salt to the wok contents.
  • Spoon the wok contents and let the spices cover the wok contents evenly.
  • Transfer the minced tomatoes to the wok.
  • Lid the wok and simmer the wok contents on low medium flame for 8-10 minutes.
  • Toss the wok contents at intervals.
  • The tomatoes should become mushy in the wok.
  • Empty the ground paste in the wok.
  • Mix the ground paste with the wok contents for 3-4 minutes.
  • Also splash 1 cup of water in the wok.
  • Now bring the wok contents to a boil.
  • Then lower the gas flame and cook the wok contents on low flame.
  • Keep mixing the wok contents every some minutes.
  • Cook the wok contents until the gravy becomes thick in the wok.
  • When the gravy is thick or the desired consistency is reached, the gas can be switched off.
  • The pan should be got off the gas.
  • Put the tomato kurma dish in a large serving bowl.
  • This delectable preparation can be consumed with warm rotis / chapatis.


Mixed Vegetable Kurma for Chapati

Chapati Mixed Vegetable Kurma


Kurma is usually prepared with curried vegetables.

For Mixed Vegetable Kurma, an assortment of vegetables are cooked in ground spices / gravy.

North Indian Mixed Vegetable Kurma is prepared in yogurt gravy.

The South Indian version is coconut-based. The gravy is made with either coconut paste or coconut milk. Shredded coconut, nuts, and an array of other ingredients are added to prepare the ground paste.

We can also prepare this side dish with the onion-tomato mixture in both yogurt gravy and coconut paste.

Different vegetables according to preferences can be added. The vegetables could include cauliflower, corn, mushroom, beans, carrots, green peas, potatoes, baby corn, tofu, paneer etc.

Spices that are suitable to tastes can be adjusted.

Dry red chillies can be ground with coconut and nuts to give it the rich color.

The kurma can be prepared in either the pressure cooker or the pan.

Cooking in the pressure cooker is faster as compared to cooking in the pan.

This side dish is best accompanied hot with Chapati.


  • Onion ( medium )                 :               1 Nos.
  • Tomato ( medium )                 :               1 Nos.
  • Potato ( medium )                 :               1 Nos.
  • Carrot (medium )                 :               1 Nos.
  • French beans                 :               ½ Cup
  • Green peas                 :               ½ Cup
  • Mushroom                 :               5 Nos.
  • Turmeric powder                 :               ¼ Tsp
  • Yogurt ( fresh )                 :               2 Tbsp
  • Oil                 :               2-3 Tbsp
  • Curry leaves :               1 twig
  • Water                 :               5 Cup
  • Coriander leaves                 :               for garnish
  • Salt                 :               to taste

Grinding Ingredients

  • Garlic pods                 :               3-4 Nos.
  • Ginger                 :               1 inch
  • Red chilly ( dry )                 :               3 Nos.
  • Coriander seeds :               ½ Tbsp
  • Chana dal :               ½ Tbsp
  • Grated coconut ( fresh ) :               5-6 Tbsp
  • Cashews :               5-6 Nos.
  • Fennel seeds :               1 Tsp
  • Poppy seeds :               1 Tsp
  • Cloves :               2 Nos.
  • Cinnamon :               1 inch
  • Green cardamom :               1 Nos.
  • Water :               ½ Cup


  • Remove the skin of the potato and carrot. Chop the onion, tomato, carrot, potato, french beans, mushrooms and coriander leaves. Rinse the knifed vegetables with cold running water and set aside.

Ground Paste

  • Peel and mince the ginger piece and garlic pods.
  • Blend the grinding ingredients which are pressed ginger and garlic, dry red chillies, chana dal, coriander seeds, grated coconut, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, cashews, cinnamon, cloves and green cardamom in a grinder with ½ cup of water. Keep aside the ground paste.


  • Pour oil in a pressure cooker and heat the oil.
  • Add the chopped onion and curry leaves to the cooker.
  • Let the onion become translucent.
  • Stir in the minced tomato.
  • Throw turmeric powder on the cooker contents.
  • Cook the pan contents for 5 minutes and let the tomatoes melt.
  • Pour the prepared paste in the pan and fry for some minutes.
  • Spoon the cooker contents at intervals.
  • Put the carrot, potato, french beans, green peas and mushroom in the cooker.
  • Mix in the yogurt with the pan contents.
  • Toss the pan contents for few minutes on low heat.
  • Splash 1.5 cup of water in the pan.
  • Adjust the salt seasoning of the pan contents.
  • Lid the pressure cooker.
  • Wait for 2-3 whistles.
  • Then get the cooker off the gas.
  • Allow the cooker to cool.
  • Transfer the cooker contents to a serving bowl.
  • Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.
  • Enjoy yummy kurma curry with chapati.

Vegetable Kurma for Chapati :Yogurt Based Potato Kurma & Green Peas Coconut Gravy

 Chapati Vegetable Kurma


Vegetable kurma can be prepared with potatoes or green peas.

Kurma is usually prepared either in yogurt gravy or with coconut paste.

Delicious Kurma with its rich aroma can be accompanied with roti / chapati.

Let us see how yogurt based potato kurma and green peas kurma in coconut gravy is served.

Yogurt Based Potato Kurma


  • Potato :               3 Nos.
  • Onion :               1 Cup
  • Tomato ( small ) :               1 Nos.
  • Green chilly :               2 Nos.
  • Ginger-garlic paste :               1 Tsp
  • Red chilly powder :               1 Tsp
  • Garam masala :               5 Tsp
  • Fenugreek powder :               ½ Tsp
  • Turmeric powder :               ¼ Tsp
  • Yogurt ( fresh ) :               ½ Cup
  • Mint leaves :               Few sprigs
  • Oil :               2-3 Tbsp
  • Coriander leaves :               for garnish
  • Salt :               to taste

Tempering Ingredients

  • Cumin seeds :               ½ Tsp
  • Bay leaf :               1 Nos.
  • Cinnamon :               1 small piece
  • Green cardamom :               2-3 Nos.
  • Cloves :               2-3 Nos.
  • Star Anise :               1 Nos.


  • Partially boil the potatoes and knife into cubes.
  • Chop the onion, tomato, mint leaves and coriander leaves.
  • Break and slit the green chillies.
  • Beat the curd and set aside.


  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Add the seasoning ingredients which are cumin seeds, bay leaf, cloves, green cardamom, star anise and cinnamon to the pan.
  • Stir the pan contents for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then sauté the minced onion and broken green chillies in the pan.
  • Mix salt with the pan contents.
  • Let the onion change to a darker color.
  • Pour the ginger-garlic paste in the pan.
  • After 2 minutes, bring in the potato cubes to the pan.
  • Throw the torn mint leaves in the pan.
  • Sprinkle turmeric powder on the pan contents.
  • Fry the pan contents for 2-3 minutes.
  • Bring in the tomato pieces and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Put the garam masala, red chilly powder and salt on the pan contents.
  • Toss the pan contents for 1-2 minutes.
  • Empty the yogurt in the pan.
  • Cook the pan contents for 4-5 minutes.
  • Splash sufficient water in the pan to partly dip the potato cubes.
  • Season the pan contents with salt.
  • Lid the pan.
  • Cook on low flame until potatoes are tender.
  • When the oil separates in the pan, mix in the fenugreek powder.
  • Remove the pan from the gas.
  • Top with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Serve hot with chapati dishes.

Green Peas Coconut Gravy Kurma


  • Green peas :                               2 Cup
  • Onion ( medium ) :                               2 Nos.
  • Tomato ( medium ) :                               3 Nos.
  • Ginger-garlic paste :                               2 Tsp
  • Coriander powder :                               2 Tsp
  • Red chilly powder :                               1 Tsp
  • Turmeric powder :                               ½ Tsp
  • Garam masala :                               ¼ Tsp
  • Coriander leaves :                               for garnish
  • Oil :                               2 Tbsp
  • Salt :                               to taste

Grinding Ingredients

  • Shredded coconut :                               ½ Cup
  • Cashews :                               2 Tsp
  • Poppy seeds :                               ½ Tsp
  • Fennel seeds :                               ½ Tsp

Seasoning Ingredients

  • Star anise :                               1 Nos.
  • Cinnamon :                               1 small piece
  • Cloves :                               2-3 Nos.
  • Fennel seeds :                               ½ Tsp


  • Boil the green peas and keep aside.
  • Knife the onions, tomatoes and coriander leaves.

Ground Paste

  • Combine the grinding ingredients which are cashews, poppy seeds, fennel seeds and shredded coconut.
  • Grind the combined mixture in a grinder with small quantity of water for a ground paste. Set aside.


  • Temper the seasoning ingredients including the fennel seeds, star anise, cloves and cinnamon in hot oil in a pan.
  • Stir in the diced onion and fry for few minutes in the pan.
  • Thereafter, sauté the ginger-garlic paste in the pan.
  • Bring in the tomatoes and cook for some minutes.
  • The tomatoes should melt in the pan.
  • Then empty the ground paste in the pan.
  • Mix the pan contents for 1-2 minutes.
  • Throw in the spice powders which are coriander powder, red chilly powder, turmeric powder and garam masala.
  • Stir the pan contents for 1 minute.
  • Pour 1 cup of water in the pan.
  • Add salt to the pan contents.
  • Cover the pan and put the pan on medium flame for 6-8 minutes.
  • Thereafter, add the cooked peas to the pan.
  • Boil the pan contents.
  • Get the pan off the gas.
  • Garnish with torn coriander leaves.
  • Enjoy ready Kurma with chapati.

Egg Kurma Recipe

Making Egg Kurma for Chapati

If you are fed up of eating vegetables and want to make something different for dinner then you should try out this egg kurma. In Kerala egg kurma is served with chapati or poratta. There are different versions of egg kurma. I have given the recipe the way I make the kurma. Try it! It is a very tasty and spicy dish for egg lovers. And of-course it is healthy too. I am sure that you know the health benefits of eating eggs. An egg should be included in your daily meal, because according to various studies, eating egg every day helps to prevent clots and heart attacks, stroke, muscular degeneration, breast cancer and help to regulate the brain, nerves and cardiovascular system. It contains high quality proteins, Vitamin D and amino acids. My little son loves eggs best when it is in this kurma form.

Egg Kurma Recipe


  • Eggs: 6
  • Onions: 2 large
  • Tomatoes: 2 large
  • Ginger: 1 inch piece
  • Garlic: 3
  • Red chilli powder: 1 tsp
  • Coriander powder: 2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tsp
  • garam masala powder: 1 tsp
  • Cumin powder: 1 tsp
  • Oil: 4 tbsp
  • Salt as required
  • Water as required
  • Coriander leaves: a handful
  • Curry leaves: 2 springs

To grind:

  • Freshly grated coconut: ½ cup
  • Poppy seeds/ Khus Khus: 1 tbsp
  • Cashew nuts: 6
  • Green chillies: 4

For tempering:

  • Cinnamon: 1 small stick
  • Cardamom: 2
  • Cloves: 4
  • Fennel seeds: ½ tsp


  • Boil the eggs, remove shell and keep aside.
  • Finely chop the onions.
  • Finely chop the tomatoes.
  • Grind ginger and garlic to paste
  • Finely chop the coriander leaves.
  • Grind all the ingredients under ‘to grind’ to a fine paste by adding some water.


  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Add cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and fennel seeds and saute till aroma arises. Add curry leaves.
  • Add the onions and saute till it becomes translucent.
  • Add the ginger-garlic paste and saute till the raw smell disappears.
  • Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala, cumin powder and required salt and saute for a few seconds.
  • Now add the tomatoes. Sprinkle some water and saute till the tomatoes are cooked and become mushy.
  • Add the ground paste and saute for a few seconds.
  • Add a cup of water and bring to boil on a low flame till the gravy thickens slightly.
  • Add the eggs and let it boil for 2 minutes.
  • Remove from flame and transfer into a serving bowl.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.

The kurma is best if it is served hot with chapati. Since eggs are a must in your diet, you should include this diet in your weekly menu, because it is bowl full of nutrition and health benefits for the whole family. We can now say that ‘an egg a day keeps the doctor away’!!!

Cauliflower Kurma for Chapati

Making Cauliflower Kurma for Chapati

Do you want your children to intake plenty of nutrients? Well, you don’t have to spend money on tonics. Just include cauliflower on your regular diet and your children will all the nutrition required. I am not joking!!! Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C and also contains vitamin B Complex as well as Vitamin K. It also contains calcium, potassium, iron, copper and manganese. Cauliflower can be used to make manjurian, curries, gravy, kurma, fry, sabzi etc. Below is a recipe for cauliflower kurma. It is a delicious dish, so it won’t it difficult to make your children eat.


Ingredients required for making cauliflower kurma:

  • Cauliflower : 1 big
  • Potato : 1
  • Onion : 2 medium sized
  • Tomatoes : 2 medium sized
  • Turmeric powder
  • Ginger : 1 inch piece
  • Garlic : 5-6
  • Green chillies : 4-5 (depending on how spicy you prefer)
  • Cinnamon : 1 inch piece
  • Cardamom : 2-3
  • Cloves : 2
  • Coriander seeds : 11/2 tbsp
  • Pepper : 1 tsp
  • Sanuf or fennel seeds : ½ tsp
  • Poppy seeds : 1 tsp
  • Grated coconut : 1 cup
  • Cashew nuts : 8-10
  • Oil : 2 tbsp
  • Ghee : 1 tsp
  • Coriander leaves ; chopped for garnishing


  • Cut the cauliflower into florets. Put the florets in hot salted water for 15 minutes.
  • Chop 1 onion and thinly slice the 2nd
  • Peel and chop the potato.
  • Chop the tomatoes.
  • Chop the green chillies.
  • Chop the ginger.
  • Chop the garlic
  • First dry grind cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, coriander seeds, pepper, fennel seeds and poppy seeds. Add the chopped onions, green chillies, garlic and ginger to this. Add some water and grind the ingredients to a fine paste. (1)
  • Put the cashew nuts in hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Grind the cashew nuts with the coconut to a fine paste. (2)

Method for making cauliflower kurma:

  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Add half the sliced onion and saute till it turns pink.
  • Add the cauliflower florets and saute for 1 minute.
  • Add the chopped potato
  • Add the ground paste (1).
  • Mix well.
  • Add turmeric powder.
  • Add salt
  • Add 2 cups of water.
  • Close the lid and let it boil on a low flame it the cauliflower florets and potatoes are half cooked.
  • Then add the tomatoes.
  • Close lid and boil till the vegetables are cooked.
  • Add the ground paste (2)
  • Blend well and leave to boil till the gravy thickens.
  • Remove from fire.
  • Fry the remaining sliced onions in a tsp of ghee till the onions turn dark brown. Add to the curry.
  • Serve into a serving bowl.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Serve the hot kurma with chapati.

Many people prefer kurma with chapatis because chapati and Kurma is an amazingly delicious combination. Try it and enjoy!!!

Aloo Kurma for Chapati

Aloo Kurma for Chapati

alu_kurmaAloo or potato is a very tasty and versatile vegetable that enhances the taste of any dish it is added to. Delicious dishes can be made by using only potatoes or combining it with other vegetables or even meat.

Sometimes we sit and wonder what side dish to make for chapati. It is always very interesting to try out new dishes. Here I am going to tell you how to make Aloo Kurma, which is a perfect side dish that goes well with chapatis.

I have given below the recipe to making Aloo Kurma in a very easy way with potatoes and traditional spices.

Aloo Kurma recipe


Potatoes: 3 (big)

  1. Onion : 1
  2. Green chilies : 4-5
  3. Garlic : 8 (small cloves) 6 (big cloves)
  4. Ginger : small piece


  1. Coriander powder : 1 tbsp
  2. Khus Khus : 1 tsp
  3. Pepper : ¼ tsp
  4. Fennel seeds/Sombu : 1 tsp
  5. Cinnamon – a small piece
  6. Cardamom – 2-3
  7. Cloves – 2-3

Tomato: 2 small ones

Curd – a small bowl

Grated coconut – 1 cup

Salt (as required)

Turmeric powder: ¼ tsp

Coriander leaves (little)

Onion: 1 (for frying)

Oil: 2 tbsp


Cut the potatoes into medium sized cubes

Slice the tomatoes

Slice lengthwise the onion for frying

Put the spices 1 – 7 in a blender and grind to powder form. Add the ingredients 1 – 4 to this powder and grind all-together to a fine paste.

Grind the coconut to a fine paste

Method to make Aloo Kurma

  • Wash the potatoes and put it in a vessel with 2 cups of water. Add turmeric powder, salt and the ground ingredients.
  • Close the lid and wait for the potatoes to cook. If you want to check to see if the potatoes are cooked, just insert a fork or knife.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, add the sliced tomatoes.
  • Cook till the tomatoes are cooked and become mashy and the gravy thickens.
  • Add the curd.
  • Cook for about 2-3 minutes till the curd mixes well with the curry. Make sure that the curd is well blended into the curry.
  • Now add the ground coconut and boil for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Remove from stove.
  • Heat oil in a kaddai and fry the cut onions till it becomes brown in color and add to the kurma.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves
  • Serve hot with chapatis.

This Aloo Kurma recipe is not only very easy to make, but is also less time consuming. Once the ingredients are ready and ground, then the maximum time to make the kurma will be only around 15 minutes. Now you don’t have to worry about a dish for eating with chapatis. Here is an easy and tasty dish that is a fantastic side dish that goes well with chapatis.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how to make potato kurma and you must be eager to give it a try. Next time you are making chapatis, go ahead and make Aloo kurma and enjoy a tasty and delicious meal!!!