Food Processor for Chapati Dough

Food Processor for Chapati Dough

Chapati is a flatbread made from dough made of wheat flour, water and salt and is a common staple in South Asia. Chapati dough is traditionally kneaded by hand and it is the most frustrating and messiest part in the process of making chapati. In fact getting the dough right is very important to get soft chapatis. The dough is made into balls, rolled into circular shape and cooked on the tava. Today there are various brands of chapati making machines which can make huge number of chapatis within minutes. But here again, the dough has to be knead by hand. Women hoped for a machine that could knead the chapati dough for them, and that’s exactly what the food processor does.

What is a food processor?

A food processor is an electronic kitchen appliance that can take care of lot of work that can be done by hand. Having a food processor in your kitchen saves you a lot of time and work, because this device can perform multiple functions such as shredding or grating, slicing/chopping vegetables, pureeing, grinding items like meat, nut, dried fruits etc and most importantly, mixing and kneading dough for chapati.

The food processor consists of a clear bowl with cover and feed tube fixed to the motor with different types of blades and discs which can be attached to the bowl and that which performs different types of functions like dice, mince, chop, crush, puree, shred, grate and knead. The bowl is normally made from durable plastic and the blades are all stainless steel, making the machine last for many years. When you are using the food processor to knead the dough for chapati, then you must change to the knead blade. The process of kneading the dough is made so simple and easy by a food processor. Now let’s see how?

The process of making chapati dough in a food processor

  • Add the required amount of wheat flour and salt into the food processor bowl.
  • Add little water and turn the food processor on.
  • You will see the dough forming.
  • Slowly trickle water through the opening on the lid.
  • Stop when you see that the dough is of the right consistency.
  • Add 1 tsp oil and let the machine run a minute longer.
  • Chapati dough is ready.
  • Remove from the processor and let it rest covered for 30 minutes before preparing the chapati.

Benefits of having a food processor to knead chapati dough

  • Makes the task of kneading easier
  • Saves plenty of time and effort
  • The dough is kneaded rightly
  • No mess
  • You have more time to do other things

Tips for buying a food processor for dough making

  • Buy a food processor according to your needs
  • Make sure that the machine has a dough blade
  • Choose a processor that has durable parts.
  • Consider the size, brand and price of the food processor.
  • Consider the maintenance
  • Consider the performance
  • Consider the warranty
  • Make sure that the parts are replaceable and readily available.

Food processor is an essential item in a kitchen, and if you have the habit of eating chapati on daily basis in your home, go buy a food processor today, so that you can not only speed up the process of making chapati, that saves you plenty of time than kneading the dough with your hands, but you will also have ample time to sit and watch your favorite TV programs!!!