How to Give Chapati to Baby

How to Give Chapati to Baby

Breast milk, is undoubtedly the best for your baby as it is the complete form of nutrition and provides health advantages for both the baby and the mother. It is the perfect food for your baby in the first year, or at least for the first six months. Breast feeding decreases your baby’s risk for illness and helps in growth. But sometimes after six months, breast milk alone might not be enough to fully satisfy the baby’s hunger, or it might not be enough to supply all the nutrients required during its growth as there can be a gap between the nutrients supplied by the breast milk and the nutrients required by the growing child. At this stage it is good to start giving complementary foods for the baby. Complementary foods are foods that are given to the baby in addition to breast milk, with continued breast feeding, to provide additional nutrition to the child.

Complementary foods can be foods like porridges, baby cereals, mashed vegetables or even chapatis. Chapati is considered as a good complementary food, because it is rich in nutrition and it is easily digestible, so you can give it safely to the babies, without being worried about unhealthy side effects. Chapati can be given to the babies in various ways. Let’s see how?

How to give chapati to baby

The most important factor you should understand before giving chapati to the baby is that it should very soft. You certainly can’t give the baby chapati which is very hard and crispy. So first, learn how to make very soft chapatis.

  • As I mentioned earlier, after six months you can start giving chapati as complementary food. If you have sufficient breast milk to feed the child, then you can soak the chapati pieces in hot water and leave it for sometime till it becomes very soggy and soft. And slowly feed the child with your hand or spoon.
  • If you have insufficient breast milk, soak the chapati pieces in hot milk and feed the baby.
  • Tear the chapati into small pieces; soak in hot milk for 15 minutes. Add some sugar and grind into a smooth thick paste and feed your baby with a spoon, just like porridge.
  • When you child is over nine months old, you can try giving spinach with chapati. Cook the spinach in a pressure cooker, and add the spinach paste with the chapati paste and feed the baby. If your baby has teeth, and can chew, then soak the chapati pieces in spinach paste and give.
  • Another healthy complementary food for the baby is to soak the chapati pieces in dal and feed the baby. To make the dal, pressure cook 2 tbsp yellow split moong dal with 1 cup water, and sieve the mixture into a bowl, using a mesh sieve.
  • Sometime between the age of seven to nine months to twelve months, you baby will start trying to pick up objects with her thumb and forefinger, and then put things in her mouth. At this age you can put some chapati pieces in her bowl which she will try to eat by herself.

These are some of the ways you can give chapati to babies, but always start with little quantities, and make sure you consult a pediatrician before you start feeding your baby with any food other than breast milk.