How to Heat Chapati in Oven

How to Heat Chapati in Oven

Chapati, one of the most commonly eaten staples in Northern India, is a delicacy when eaten with a suitable vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry. It is made with wheat flour, water and bit of salt. Chapati is a very healthy food, and can be made in various varieties such as aloo chapati, spinach chapati, masala chapati, keema chapati, cabbage chapati, cauliflower chapati, coriander chapati, kasthuri methi chapati and so on. You can try out various combinations to add to the chapati flour when kneading the flour to make chapati. Adding vegetables enhances its nutritional value. Chapati can be made at home or today, the task of kneading and rolling the chapati dough is made easier with readymade chapatis, which are available in most of the departmental stores. You just have to cook the chapati. So simple!!!

Whether you buy machine made chapati from the store, or you make the chapatis at home, there is often a chance for the chapatis to get left over. So what do you do with left over chapatis? Do you throw them away? Well, don’t do that! You can heat the chapati and use it again, which will taste nearly as good as the fresh ones.

You can store the left over chapatis by wrapping them in an aluminum foil and putting them in a sealable plastic bag and refrigerating it. When you want to use them again, you can either heat them on a stove or microwave oven.

To heat the chapati on the stove, you have to heat a tawa, and then place the chapati on it. Apply some oil/ghee. Press the chapati with a kitchen towel. Flip on to the other side and apply some oil/ghee. Press again. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the chapatis might puff up again. Even otherwise, the chapati will get heated and you can eat it with some curry. Place the chapatis in a casserole and close the lid tightly. This will keep the chapatis soft. Anyway, heat the chapatis just before you are planning to eat it. Don’t heat it earlier. Another method to heat the chapati is in an oven.

How to heat chapati in oven?

  • You can place the chapatis in a microwavable cookware, sprinkle some water and microwave for 2-3 minutes.
  • If the case of a conventional oven, you can heat the chapatis that are wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in a sealable bag. For this method of heating, you to remove the wrapped chapati from the sealable bag, but not remove the aluminum foil. Place the foil-stacks in the middle rack. Make sure you don’t place another stacks of chapatis, one on top of the other. Preheat the oven to 350º F. Heat the chapatis for 15 minutes.
  • Sprinkle the chapati with little water and wrap the chapatis in a damp cloth, and microwave on high for 1 minute. Remove the chapatis from the oven and take it out from the damp cloth and roast on a hot griddle or pan. Make sure you flip occasionally.

Well, now that you have learnt to heat the left over chapatis, remember not to throw them away. Just heat them and enjoy with your favorite curry!!!