How to Make Chapati Dough in Food Processor

how to make chapati dough in food processor

Processed Chapati Dough


A food processor aids in preparing chapati dough.

Mixing and kneading the dough can be done with help of the food processor.

The food processor should come with a metal dough blade.

In a food processor, to process the dough first the dry ingredients which are the wheat flour and salt should be added and mixed.

The water can then be added to the uniform mixture.

The quantity of water poured in the food processor should be monitored. Different types of flour absorb varying amounts of water.

The dough processed in a food processor is usually sticky when the right quantity of water is added.

Extra water should be added to the dough.

This makes the dough smoother.

After the dough is processed in the processor then it should be removed from the food processor. The dough should then be dipped in wheat flour.

Knead the processed dough with the hand for few minutes.

Then allow the dough to rest for the stipulated time before making chapatis.

The dough in the food processor can be made with or without adding fat.

Fat includes ghee, oil and butter.

Processing Chapati Dough Without Fat


Wheat flour                                                        1 Cup

Water / Lukewarm water                             ½ Cup

Salt                                                                         ¼ Tsp

Extra flour                                                           for rolling / dusting


Put the wheat flour and salt in the food processor.

Mix the dry contents for few minutes in the processor.

Let the mixture become uniform.

Now pour water in small quantities in the processor with the processor running.

The water should be poured from the hole in the lid of the processor.

Allow the contents to mix and form the dough and become a mass / ball.

Process the dough until the flour has been cleared in the processor bowl.

When the dough has the desired consistency and is soft, sticky and pliable then the dough can be removed from the processor.

Now dip the dough in the wheat flour and knead the processed dough with the hand for some minutes.

Rest the dough for the required number of minutes.

Prepare chapatis as desired.

Divide the dough into balls of equal size.

Roll the dough balls with the help of a rolling pin into round thin shape.

Roast on a hot tawa on both sides.

Serve when chapatis are ready.

Processing Chapati Dough With Fat


Wheat flour                                                        1.5 Cup

Salt                                                                         ¼ Tsp – ½ Tsp

Water                                                                   1/3 Cup

Oil /Ghee /Butter                                            2 Tsp


Combine the wheat flour and salt in the dough bowl in the processor.

Some processors have many bowls.

The dough bowl is usually the largest bowl in the processor.

Lid the processor and switch on the processor at a low speed.

The bowl contents should be mixed evenly.

Now splash drops of water from the lid opening.

The bowl contents will form a dough ball.

The amount of water added should be supervised and should be at a slow rate.

This prevents additional water to be added to the dough.

Let the dough have the desired consistency then add the fat to the processor from the lid hole.

Now process the dough with the fat added for 1 minute in the processor.

The dough should stick to the hands when removed from the processor.

Now dust the dough with wheat flour.

Give the final knead to the dough with the hand for some minutes.

Rest the dough for 20-30 minutes.

Then make equal sized balls with the dough.

Roll the dough balls into circles with the rolling pin.

Heat a tawa on the gas.

Roast both sides of the chapati.

Flip the chapati sides at intervals.

Serve hot and when prepared.