How to Make Chapati with Gram Flour

Gram Flour Chapatis


Wheat flour can be replaced with gram flour to make chapatis.

Gram flour is also known as besan or chick pea flour.

Gram flour has high protein content.

Also the flour is gluten free.

Hence the consumption of gram flour chapatis can be considered healthy.

The dough for the gram flour chapatis can also be formed with an array of ingredients.

Gram flour chapatis can be accompanied with yogurt / spinach dishes.

Recipe 1


Gram flour                                                          2 Cup

Fenugreek leaves                                            1.5 Tbsp

Chilly flakes                                                        ½ Tsp

Hing                                                                       1 pinch

Salt                                                                         ½ Tsp

Yogurt                                                                   2 Tbsp

Oil                                                                           2 Tbsp

Butter / Ghee                                                    2 Tbsp

Rice Flour                                                            ½ Cup

Water                                                                   ¼ Cup


Gram flour, fenugreek leaves, chilly flakes, hing and salt should be mixed in a bowl.

Then empty the curd in the bowl.

Also pour the oil in the bowl.

Mix the bowl contents for few minutes and let the bowl contents crumble.

Apply oil on hands to make the dough.

Then add some water to the bowl.

Gather the bowl contents and form a stiff dough.

The dough should be kneaded for some minutes.

Drops of water can be added to the dough as and when required.

Thereafter, the dough should be rested in a bowl for 10 minutes.

Lid the bowl with a damp cloth.

Split the dough into 6 medium balls.

Dip the dough ball in the rice flour.

Roll the dough balls into circles with equal thickness.

Use a rolling pin and roll the dough balls on a flat surface.

Cover with rice flour while rolling if required.

Take a heavy pan and heat the pan on the gas.

Roast the circle on the hot pan.

After few seconds, flip the side of the round when dark spots surface.

Cook the other side of the round and let it also become brown.

Now with tongs grill both sides of the round directly on the gas flame.

Then get the grilled chapatis off the gas.

Repeat the same procedure with the other dough balls.

Top with ghee / butter.

Cover the cooked chapatis with aluminium foil or keep in hot case until required for serving.

Recipe 2


Gram flour                                          140 g

Hot water                                            65 ml

Salt                                                         to taste

Ghee                                                     1 Tsp


Take a large bowl and empty the gram flour in the bowl.

Make a well in center of the bowl.

The ghee, salt and half the quantity of water can be added to the well in the bowl.

Toss the bowl contents and gradually splash the rest of the water in the bowl.

Form a soft dough with the bowl contents.

Knead the dough on a flat surface for couple of minutes.

Cover with dry flour if required and re-knead if the dough is sticky.

Then sit the dough in the bowl for 45 minutes.

Now wet hands and make medium sized balls with the dough.

Cover with gram flour and flatten the dough balls for thin roundels with a rolling pin on an even surface.

Heat a pan on the gas.

Cook the roundel on the hot pan for 30-40 seconds.

Clamp down the roundel sides with a dry cloth towel on the gas.

Revolve the roundel on the pan while roasting the roundel.

This helps the roundel to cook evenly from the sides.

Bubbles should be formed on the surface of the chapati.

Then flip the roundel side and press down with the cloth towel and spin the roundel on the gas.

Both sides of the roundel should be browned.

Then remove the roasted chapati from the gas.

The same process of roasting should be applied to the remainder of the dough balls.

The ready chapatis can be kept in the oven for them to remain warm.

Apply ghee while serving if desired.