How to Make Chapati with Layers

Layered Chapati


Chapati can also be prepared in layers.

Chapati can be one-layered of one-layered, two-layered, three-layered / triangular shaped and four-layered / squared.

Chapati Recipe

Wheat Flour                                                       2 Cup

Oil                                                                           1-2 Tsp

Salt                                                                         to taste

Water / Lukewarm water                             as required

Extra flour                                                           for dusting


Combine the wheat flour, oil and salt in a bowl.

Mix the bowl contents.

Then add water and gather the bowl contents.

Prepare the dough with the bowl contents.

Knead the dough for few minutes for soft and pliable dough.

Place the dough in a bowl.

Lid with damp cloth / towel.

Stand the dough for 30 minutes.

Apply small quantity of oil on hands and knead dough again for some minutes.

Make balls of equal size with the dough.

One-Layered Chapati

Take one ball of dough and dust with wheat flour or dip into wheat flour.

With the help of the rolling pin, roll the chapati into oval shape.

Rub with some oil and wheat flour.

Then squeeze the center of the oval shaped rolled ball.

Fold the ball.

Roll the folded ball into round shape.

Take a tawa and heat on medium flame.

Roast the round shaped dough ball on the heated tawa.

Flip the chapati every some minutes.

One-layered chapati is ready.

Two-Layered Chapati

Take another small dough ball.

Dip into wheat flour.

With the help of the rolling pin, roll the chapati into small round shape.

Apply few drops of oil and some wheat flour.

Fold the rolled ball from the center for a semi-circled shape.

Now smear with some oil and wheat flour.

Now fold from the center of the semi-circle to form a triangle.

Dust the triangle with flour.

Roll the triangle into round shape with the rolling pin.

Now roast the round ball on a heated tawa on the gas.

Turn the sides of the round ball for two-layered chapati.

Three-Layered / Triangular Shaped Chapati

Dust a single dough ball with wheat flour.

Roll the dough ball into a circular shaped disc.

Sprinkle small quantity of oil and wheat flour on one side of the disc.

Fold the disc from the center into half for semi-circle shape.

Brush some oil and wheat flour on the semi-circle.

Fold from the center of the semi-circle for a triangular shape.

Dust with wheat flour.

Now roll the triangle into triangular shape with the rolling pin.

Then put the triangle on medium flame on a hot tawa.

When bubbles appear then flip the side of the chapati.

Cook both sides of the chapati.

Press down with a spatula and let it puff up.


Four-Layered / Square Shaped Chapati

Dip the dough ball into the wheat flour.

Roll with the rolling pin into a circular shape.

Brush with some oil and wheat flour.

Fold the circular ball from one end till the center.

Fold from the other end atop the folded side.

Now fold from one open end until the center.

Then fold from the other open end over the folded side.

The dough ball is now square-shaped.

Dip in wheat flour.

With the use of the rolling pin, roll into square shape.

Roast the rolled square on a hot tawa.

Turn the side of the rolled square when bubbles appear on the chapati surface.

The chapati should be cooked from both sides.

The chapati can also be cooked with the help of tongs on the direct flame.

The chapati puffs up faster with this method.


  • The layered chapatis can be topped with ghee / oil and kept in cloth / paper towels.
  • If placing in the hot box, cover with muslin cloth / cheese cloth and lid the box and store for 2 days.