How to Make Chapati with Plain Flour

Plain Flour Chapatis


Plain flour is also known all purpose flour or Maida.

Plain flour is prepared by grinding the middle layer of the wheat grain.

The middle layer of the wheat grain is known as the endosperm.

The endosperm surrounds the inner core or germ of the wheat grain known as the wheat germ.

Also the endosperm is surrounded by the outer bran layer.

The endosperm layer is fat and contains minimal or no nutrients.

However, the taste is desired by people.

Plain flour can also be mixed with wheat flour or whole wheat flour to make it nutritious.

Plain flour chapatis can either be served as a side dish with other accompaniments or stuffed and rolled and then consumed with or without other dishes.

Plain Flour Chapatis as Side Dish


Plain Flour                                           2 Cup

Water                                                   ¾ Cup

Oil                                                          2 Tsp

Salt                                                         to taste

Sugar                                                     1-2 Tsp ( optional )


Combine the plain flour and oil in a bowl.

Mix the bowl contents for few minutes.

This helps to make the dough pliable and easy to knead and roll.

Then sprinkle the salt and sugar in the bowl.

Pour water in small quantities to form the dough.

Water can be added to the dough by splashing few drops of water as and when required.

Also wet hands can be applied to the dough to add water to the dough.

Place the dough in a bowl.

Rest the dough for 30 minutes.

Thereafter, segregate the dough into medium sized balls.

Then roll the dough balls with the help of a rolling pin on a flat surface.

Dust the dough balls with dry flour and then roll into medium thick discs.

Take a flat pan or tawa.

Heat the pan on the gas.

Roast a rolled disc on the heated pan on the gas on medium flame.

Flip the sides of the disc every couple of seconds.

Both sides should be evenly browned.

Press down with the help of a spatula while roasting on the gas.

Apply some oil on the chapati sides after removing from the gas.

Repeat the process with the other dough balls.

Accompany with other side dishes while serving.

Plain Flour Chapatis Rolled and Stuffed

Plain flour                                            2 Cups

Onion                                                    ½ Nos.

Garlic pods                                          as required

Lukewarm water                              to form dough

Salt                                                         1 Tsp

Cooking oil


Sieve the plain flour.

Chop the onion.

Peel and mince the garlic pods.

Rinse the chopped vegetables with running cold water.

Take the sieved plain flour in a bowl.

Stir in the diced onion and pressed garlic.

Throw the salt in the bowl.

Mix the bowl contents for few minutes.

Add water to the bowl contents.

Gather the bowl contents and form the dough.

Water can be poured in the bowl as and when required in modest quantities.

Knead the dough till it is stiff and pliable.

Dust the dough with dry flour if required while kneading.

Put the dough in a bowl.

Cover the bowl with a cloth.

Stand the bowl for 30 minutes.

Split the dough into equal sized balls.

Flatten the dough balls into medium roundels with a rolling pin on an even surface.

Dust the roundels with dry flour while rolling.

Place a flat pan on the gas.

Let the pan become hot.

Spray cooking oil on the pan on the gas.

Cook a roundel on the pan in the heated oil on the gas.

Turn the roundel sides within a span of some seconds.

Allow both sides of the roundel to be cooked uniformly.

Clamp down with a cloth / spoon and revolve the roundel on the pan while cooking.

Brown both roundel sides.

Then remove the cooked roundel from the gas.

The rest of the dough balls can be cooked in the same manner.

Cover the ready chapatis in cloth.