Soya Curry for Chapathi

Savory Soya Curry with Chapati


For Soya Curry preparation, the soya chunks are immersed in water and the excess water is drained and kept aside.

Cumin seeds and mustard seeds are then sizzled in the pan in heated oil.

Dry red chillies and hing are also crackled in the pan for further seasoning.

Onion is added and fried in the pan.

The tomatoes are also cooked in the pan.

Ginger-garlic paste is sautéed with the pan contents.

Spice powders are also spooned with the pan contents.

Wet soya chunks are then steamed in the pan with water.

Soy sauce is also splashed in the pan.

The gravy is thickened by mixing the pan contents on low flame.

Finally the soya curry can be served with roti / chapati.


  • Soya Chunks                 :               200 g
  • Onion :               1 Nos.
  • Tomato :               2 Nos.
  • Green chilly :               1 Nos.
  • Red chilly ( dry )                 :               2-3 Nos.
  • Ginger-garlic paste :               1 Tsp
  • Mustard seeds :               1 Tsp
  • Cumin seeds :               1 Tsp
  • Coriander powder :               1 Tsp
  • Cumin powder :               1 Tsp
  • Red chilly powder :               1 Tsp
  • Turmeric powder :               1 Tsp
  • Garam masala :               1 Tsp
  • Hing :               ½ Tsp
  • Ajino moto :               ½ Tsp
  • Water :               1 Cup
  • Soy Sauce :               to taste
  • Oil :               3 Tsp
  • Salt :               to taste
  • Coriander leaves :               for garnish


  • Soak the soya chunks in water for 15-20 minutes. Thereafter, wash the soya chunks 2-3 times with water. Drain extra water and reserve the soya chunks until required in the pan.
  • Chop the onion, tomatoes, green chilly and coriander leaves.
  • Rinse the chopped ingredients with running water and keep aside.
  • Break the dry red chillies.


  • Take a pan and heat the oil in the pan.
  • Drop the cumin seeds and mustard seeds in the hot oil in the pan.
  • Temper the pan contents.
  • Throw in the broken red chillies.
  • Also put the hing in the pan.
  • Crackle the pan contents for 1 minute in the pan.
  • Stir in the diced onion in the pan and sauté for some minutes until the onions are browned.
  • Now bring in the chopped tomatoes and green chilly pieces to the pan.
  • Spoon the pan contents for 1-2 minutes.
  • Pour the ginger-garlic paste in the pan and fry in the pan for couple of minutes.
  • Throw the spice powders including the coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala, red chilly powder and turmeric powder in the pan.
  • Stir the pan contents for some minutes until the tomatoes are melted in the pan and the spice flavors are absorbed by the pan contents.
  • Transfer the soya chunks to the pan and mix with the pan contents.
  • Cook the soya chunks in the pan for some minutes until the soya chunks are tender and cooked.
  • Stir the pan contents at intervals.
  • The spices should coat the soya chunks.
  • Now put the ajino moto in the pan.
  • Splash 1 cup of water in the pan.
  • Add salt to the pan for the seasoning.
  • Toss the pan contents.
  • Pour the soy sauce in the pan.
  • Steam the pan contents on simmering flame for 5-7 minutes.
  • Mix the pan contents every some minutes.
  • Switch off the gas.
  • Get the pan off the gas.
  • Pour the soya curry in a large serving bowl.
  • Garnish the soya curry with fresh torn coriander leaves.
  • Put on the table with roti / chapati.
  • Enjoy hot!